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Stay connected with everything that is important to you no matter where you are…Even when there is no power.


Keep your family secure at all times during any power outage…no matter how long.


Allow your customers the benefit of shopping for their most needed items during power outages.


Keep organizing and helping the community during any emergency with the security of constant power.


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We offer a full line of products for all of your alternative power needs!

Our Traditional units are built with quality and innovation, additionally our Power X Lithium line offers longer running time and recovery.

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We provide a wide array of solar generators at affordable prices for alternative energy, we build quality solar powered generators for personal, family, business, and organizational uses.

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Why Get A Portable Generator?

Very simple…Solar is renewable, clean, reliable and endless energy. A gas powered generator is effective only as long as fuel is available. In an emergency situation it may not be possible to secure additional fuel and with the rising cost of oil based fuel it may not be feasible to do so in the future. Energy from the sun is readily available and never runs out.